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Simplifying AI Code with Refiners

Welcome to the world of Refiners, where transforming complex AI model structures into clear and concise models is a reality. Refiners empower machine learning engineers to build models with ease, making the intimidating forests of conditional statements and parameters a thing of the past. This intuitive framework introduces Chains and Context to streamline your code flow, allowing you to focus on unleashing your creativity without worrying about tedious coding.

Level Up Stable Diffusion with IP-Adapter

ControlNet (which received the best paper prize at ICCV 2023 👏) or T2I-Adapters are game changers for Stable Diffusion practitioners. And it is not for no reason: They add a super effective level of control which mitigates hairy prompt engineering They have been designed as “adapters”, i.e. lightweight, composable and cheap units (a single copy of the base model is needed) However, a good dose of prompt engineering is still required to infuse some specific style.